Universities & Institutes

CV Design

Transforming your Academic CV to a CV that your industry understands and finds appealing. Make your online CV on digital platforms such as LinkedIn searchable for recruiters and hiring managers.

Hidden jobs

Hidden Jobs

It’s about having a networking and a solid social media strategy is a key part of finding the perfect job, building your personal brand, and developing a referral strategy.

Soft Skills

Soft skills

“Your future success is determined by how you handle your own strengths and weaknesses, your ability to handle conflicts, failure and people. Your soft skills give employers an idea of your personal habits and how willing you are to learn from the past.”


“Did you know that Vikings told their stories as fairy tales? And their stories still exist – It’s powerful”

Transferable skills

Transferable skills

Transferable skill training will help you describe the skills you have acquired during your academic career so that employers, recruiters and clients take notice. This workshop will support you in writing a clear CV, LinkedIn profile and creating an attractive Elevator Pitch.