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"Career Success is acquiring the right knowledge and coaching guidance working in a field that makes you happy and fulfilled"
Tina Persson, PhD

About Passage2Pro

We are a leading career coaching company delivering career & leadership coaching and training for individuals with PhDs and across the globe. The founder of the organisation, Prof Tina Persson, left academia after 20 years to start a new career as recruiter and head-hunter.

Passage2Pro is a company based on the inspiration and experience Tina draws from her own challenges during the career transition from academia to industry. Passage2Pro has in-depth knowledge about the major differences between the academic world and the surrounding labour market.

Passage2Pro has a proven track record of successfully helping many academics on a global level to secure their first job in industry.  – We know how to get you where you want to be. We have done it ourselves.



We deliver interactive workshops where participants interact with one another on an individual, peer and group level. The goal of our group activities is to create an environment where participants learn to solve career challenges, acquire new skills, master career tools and feel inspired.

Real-Time Online Trainings and Webinars

We deliver webinars and interactive online Video trainings to provide our clients with flexible and modern training set-ups. During our webinars, participants can engage with the lecturer and submit questions. Video training enable virtual classrooms with cross location set-up. What we create is: Virtual classes and trainings with high interactivity and engagement levels.


We offer Career & Leadership Coaching to established professionals with PhD level qualifications or higher. We focus on performance coaching by identifying the coachee´s gifts and talents, e.g. building awareness about behaviours that could potentially be holding them back and helping them realise  their unique potential. Our goal is to develop people so that they believe in themselves and go after the career they want.

3 Reasons to do the Training



To land your dream job, you must learn to create and communicate your value for your employer. You need a killer resume showing what you want, you need compelling LinkedIn Profile and you need to effectively communicate your value during the interview. When you communicate your value, you nail your dream Job.



Successful career transition requires that you acquire job searching skills and understand what skills are needed in the labour market and how you can offer a company value.  Being able to convey your soft and transferable skills, storytelling techniques, and networking skills will result in a job on the hidden job market.  Hard work is a good skill to have, but you are so much more. We show you how to highlight your best attributes.



Mental fitness has a major impact on your performance during your job hunt. A positive mind-set, emotional control and a healthy lifestyle will keep you motivated even if you feel the odds are against you Training for F.I.T is a life lesson for success success – Giving up is not an option!


"Tina's book is one of the best guides for all PhDs around the world transitioning from academia to industry. In fact, it is relevant for anyone looking for a new job, not only academics. The book is comprehensive and insightful, helping step by step with the painful process of job searching. It covers all aspects from preparation for career change, the importance of networking, CV writing, interview process to taking care of job seekers wellbeing during job hunting. It is clear the author of the book spent many years coaching PhDs with the transition, and she has a wealth of experience and knowledge she shared in the book. This book will accelerate and help tremendously finding the right career path. Highly recommend the book and to complement the knowledge follow Tina's blogs and videos."

Beatrice Zatorska
Cofounder & CEO

"I sincerely recommend ‘The PhD Career Coaching Guide’ to any PhD wishing to access high-paying jobs in times of uncertainty. The book consists of appealing arguments on how to create a job search strategy and to implement it successfully. Moreover, this book is an essential reading for students and scholars wanting to learn more about modern requirements to resumes, CVs and cover letters. The reader will also learn how to use F.I.T. framework, PAR and STAR techniques, and how to attract employers via LinkedIn profile. Dr. Tina Persson is an author who shared an applicable algorithm for accomplishing PhDs’ objectives before, during and after an interview."

Dr. Ielyzaveta L.
PhD in Public International Law, Associate Professor and MPI Alumni Associate

Passage2Pro in media

PhD Career Stories

PhD Career Stories is a podcast that want to inspire and support PhDs in their career development. The academic career path is training PhDs to become extremely talented for many job fields. All it takes s to figure out your own dream career. Therefore, PhD career Stories was founded – A Podcast PhDs can use to get inspiration, tips & tricks, and real-life lessons to be inspired from.

Founder Dr. Tina Persson

Learn how to nail your dream job!

Download the two first chapters from our book "The PhD Career Coaching Guide"

Chapter 1: Know your value
Chapter 2: Emotional management during Your jobsearch