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The PhD Career Coaching Online E-Learning Course is an online training designed to empower your career development so you faster can nail your dream job. Career development is a process that involves expanding knowledge and improving personal skills. It’s also about learning new career related tools and techniques.

Our course will guide your through various modules to teach you strategies, give you tips and tricks and increase your self-awareness to improve your career development. This to maximize your potential and success. Follow you calling and take your first step into the PhD Career Coaching Online E-Learning Course.

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To the course 

The PhD career coaching online course will help you

Learn how to effectively articulate and communicate your value to non-academic employers.
Build resiliency in the face of adversity and navigate the emotional tandem of a job hunt.
Gain a deeper understanding of the most effective job search strategies.
Translate your skills to a non-academic setting to match the requirements of the job you’re seeking.
Discover how to better prepare for and manage the interview process.
Grasp the power of storytelling and determine how you can leverage it to your own benefit.
Train yourself to improve your networking skills (even if you’re an introvert).