Hidden Jobs Online

How to identify the hidden jobs in the labour market? – A career development strategy in the digital world

It’s about having a networking and a solid social media strategy is a key part of finding the perfect job, building your personal brand, and developing a referral strategy.

You might have following concerns and reservations:

  • I don’t match the job advertised on job channels.
  • I am not getting invited for interviews.
  • The same jobs are advertised over and over again.
  • The same jobs are advertised on different channels.
  • Can I just call someone in a company if I want to work there?
  • Are there any jobs for me?

Did you know that between 60% - 90% of all jobs are “hidden” from the public?

What exactly are “hidden” jobs? And how do you find them? A hidden job is a job that is not openly advertised on company pages or on any job sites. A hidden job can usually only be found through indirect networks or hidden channels.

Hidden jobs also hold the key to answer other questions you, along with many other recent academics, may have been wondering.

Are there simply no jobs for me? What exactly are these companies looking for? What do these job titles even mean?

In this workshop, you will learn how to build a “hidden job search strategy” based on Networking and Social Media activity. You will learn why traditional cold calling and spontaneous mailing is important and how you can transform your network to a source of active referrals. The more active your network is in supporting your future, the more likely is that you will never be unemployed.

Basically, hidden jobs are part of the concept of “Social Recruitment”. People want to work with people they trust, which is why it is important to use authentic platforms to boost your brand and network. By understanding the labour market’s networking incentive, you increase your chances on the hidden job market. In this workshop, you will gain insights as to what a fruitful job seeking strategy could look like, how you keep track of your job-hunting process, and how you can broaden your job search by using digital platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Key takeaways

  • What are hidden jobs?
  • Why are those jobs hidden?
  • How do you find hidden jobs?
  • How do you match yourself to a hidden job?
  • How do you build a sustainable job-searching strategy?
  • How do you use LinkedIn and Facebook when looking for hidden jobs?

“Learn to use the hidden job market to nail your dream job”

Increasing your chances to find your dream job isn’t as hard as you might think. You’re probably very good at it already, you just need to learn the key pitching tactics to increase your results.