Passage2Pro AB Uses Self-Assessments To Support Clients In Their Leadership And Career Development

To support clients in their leadership skills and career development, Passage2Pro AB uses three assessments tools: Lumina Spark, Birkman and Big Five:

Lumina Spark provided by www.luminalearning.com | Birkman provided by www.birkman.com | Big Five provided by www.picompany.nl

Self-assessment helps you to identify personality traits. Some examples of what you will learn during your self-assessment include:

Increased awareness of your own abilities and potential • Understanding your leadership style • Improving your understanding of your own needs • Understanding your communication style • Understanding who you are within a team context • Learn to handle negative feedback • Improve your ability to handle conflict

An Overview Of Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is the next generation of professional development tools that support individuals, teams and organizations to work more efficiently and improve the bottom line. It is unique among psychometric tools as it avoids stereotypes. It provides a highly interactive colourful framework for better self-understanding and helps people identify how to improve their relationships with others. By applying the Lumina Spark model, users will be opened for more business benefits.

The Lumina Spark model is based on the latest Big Five research paradigm and can also be viewed through the Jungian lens. The foundational Spark resources can be designed for different types of learners:

Short Individual presentation (Self-leadership) • Workshop training • 1 to 2 day courses • Group coaching (Team development)

You can find more information about Lumina Spark on their website: www.luminalearning.com

An Overview Of Birkman

The Birkman method compromises leadership development, team development, career exploration, talent selection and sales and negotiation. Generally, the aim of the Birman method is to enhance and develop human capital. Birman explains the core of their method as follows:

“Growth stems from developing the unique competencies, technical knowledge, and people skills that are found within teams and businesses alike. The Birkman Method develops and enhances the human capital within organizations and helps individuals to realize their inner potential.

Building better insights into human capital is the driving force behind creative solutions, trusting relationships, effective processes, and action-oriented goals. The Birkman Method helps to unveil these hidden qualities within leaders, employees, students, and teams.

Our scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment, The Birkman Method, provides personality and occupational data to help understand individuals’ unique behaviour and work satisfaction across different situations and industries. The Birkman Method reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why.”

You will find more information about the Birkman method on their website: www.birkman.com

An Overview Of Big Five

The Reflector Big Five Personality focuses on five personality factors, known as the “Big Five”, and their underlying facets. The Reflector Big Five Personality is based on leading research and is commonly called the Five Factor Model (FFM) or the OCEAN Model. The Big Five model measures personality based on five foundational dimensions:

Need for stability • Extraversion • Openness • Accommodation • Conscientiousness

You will find more information about the concept Big Five on the following websites: www.hucama.com and www.picompany.nl