Soft skills training

Discover your personality from a Recruiter’s perspective.

In this workshop you will learn about your soft skills connected to your personality. While it is your technical competences that open doors for your first job it is your understanding of how to use your soft skills that define if you succeed in your job search and your career. Soft skills include personality, attidudes, motivation, values, comunication, emotional intelligence, your ability to handle failure. Together they descibe you as person.

In this workshop you will perform a self-assessment (BigFive or LUMINA Spark) and get insight to your strenghts and weaknesses, drive and motivation, communication and leadership style. The perspective of the workshop is the interview based on common questions asked by recruiters and hiring managers such as:  Who are you? Give an example of a situation where you had an argument with your boss? Followed by: How did you handle the situation and what did you learn? What is your weaknesses and what does that say about you? Or why not a curveball questions such as: What does your bathrom cabinet say about you?

All together, by increasing your understanding of who you are with respect of your personality you will increase your self-awareness and self-confidence so your will feel better prepared for interviews with future recruiters and hiring managers.