LinkedIn for job seeking

How to use LinkedIn to find your dream job.

In the last years LinkedIn has become an important and also necessary tool for networking with people in industry. As well, more and more companies, hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn as a hiring tool. Therefore, as job seeker it is important to understand how to use LinkedIn as networking tool, not only as a digital CV eg your Profile.

What does a networking strategy look like? And is there any dos and donts? What to think about when designing my profile on LInkedIn? Is it imortant to be active in groups? Is it to recommend to connect with people I don’t know? And how can I build relationships with people on-line and transforming them to refeerrals, resulting in a new job?

In this workshop you will learn how to use LinkedIn as a a job and networking tool. As well, learn how LinkedIn is working as a recruiting instrument and why it is necessary to optimise your profile for what you want to do, not for what you have done. You will also get insight into how you can source information from your LinkedIn network to faster target new companies or key people.