Coaching – how academics can benefit from being coached?

The benefit from coaching is that the client will be able to identify and improve skills that are important for their future career development, and set new career goals. Coaching is of particular importance when academics are facing a change in their career. Examples of career changes could be finishing a PhD thesis, trying to leave academia after one or several postdoc positions, or senior researchers looking for new openings after several years at university.

For many academics it is sometimes scary to realize that funding is coming to an end and that they must consider a new career. Together with the client, the coach will identify obstacles and set a new focus on career goals. The coach will listen, observe and support the client carefully and meet their individual needs, following coaching standards, with the use of learning, feedback and evaluation.


Career Coaching in a Group (15-20 participants)

Individual Career Coaching (Career Coaching, 1 hour/coachee)



Let’s start with the general definition of coaching on Wikipedia:

Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or clients in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, advice and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development.”

The benefits of coaching are wide ranging and differ from person to person but our coaching clients at Passage2Pro have reported the following experiences:

  • They are more prone to take action towards a goal.
  • They feel more confident to make career decisions.
  • They gained a deeper awareness of the impact of their own values, habits, personality and drives.
  • They feel more committed to adopt an action plan and follow up on outcomes.
  • They make hard decisions more easily.
  • They communicate more efficiently.
  • Their work-life balance has improved.

Coaching is an invaluable instrument and provides a space for personal development – but it is also available to develop / work on your career or your group dynamic.

Career Coaching

According to Wikipedia, Career Coaching “focuses on work and career and is similar to career counselling. Career coaching is not to be confused with life coaching, which concentrates on personal development. Another common term for career coach is career guide.”

Passage2Pro has developed a Career Coaching concept based on the following:

  • Personal Inventory of hard*, soft* and transferable skills*
  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses and motivation factors
  • Defining personal values
  • Personal marketing & branding (Design of CV and LinkedIn)
  • Understanding the labour market, including the recruitment business
  • Setting an action plan towards a personal goal
  • Identification of obstacles

Passage2Pro performs career coaching with a focus on performance. We identify what information or knowledge you may be lacking and that prevent you from finding a job that fits you – why not your dream job?

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is, quite simply, coaching of a group. There are many different formats for group coaching and Passage2Pro designs group coaching in collaboration with clients or outsourcer.

Passage2Pro has conducted group coaching with the following aims:

  • To increase understanding of individual personalities and how team member express themselves in a group context,
  • In collaboration with the team, to increase self-esteem and develop individuals’ ability to network.

We either coach some members in the group and/or the group members coach each other, one on one or in triads.

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